Churches and monasteries

Churches and monasteries

Many of the churches and monasteries in Huesca are Romanesque. The best kept secrets of the Early Middle Ages await to be discovered by visitors, who may also dive into the magic of other ages through the religious buildings in the province. 


Monastery of San Victorián

Its current restoration unveils the magic of primitive monastery life, in an enclosure that was the site of historical events such as the decision of the wedding that would bring about the Crown of Aragon. Art and history integrated in a... Read more »

Roda de Isábena Cathedral

The temple also has the honour of being Aragon’s oldest cathedral. Consecrated to St. Vincent Martyr, it invites visitors to admire its cloister and its curious open crypt, which makes it necessary to have a raised altar. The Lombard Romanesque... Read more »

Monzón Cathedral

Romanesque in style, it was erected between the 12th and 13th centuries, although subsequently Gothic, Mudéjar and Baroque elements were added. It is the joint seat of the Bishopric of Barbastro-Monzón and its history is intrinsically linked to... Read more »

Basilica of San Lorenzo, Huesca

Economic resources were not always plentiful, so it was thanks to popular zeal that the building got erected. Inside, look up at the groined vaults and take in its most prominent features. Visitors should visit the sacristy, with twelve paintings... Read more »

Colegiata Santa María la Mayor, in Bolea

Here there are 20 tempera panels and more than fifty sculptures in polychromatic wood. The paintings are anonymous works of an artist who was able to combine the Flemish and Italian styles at a time of transition. The sculptures are by a Flemish... Read more »

Monastery of Alaón

The main altar rests on a floor made up of river stones of different colours, forming hexagonal roses and covering the crypt. This temple is in the Lombard Romanesque style, and is still the town’s parish church. Benedictine monks lived here... Read more »

Serrablo Route

These were times of occupation and the Christians did not yet know the classical Romanesque. A sole nave, with a semicircular apse decorated with blind arches and a bell tower attached are the characteristics of the temples of several of the... Read more »

Carthusian Monastery of Nuestra Señora de las Fuentes, Sariñena

These are the work of Friar Manuel Bayeu, brother in law of Francisco de Goya, and they remain here despite events in history. The monastery suffered a fire, was used as a spa, as barracks in the Civil War and as a farm. Now in private hands, it is... Read more »

Route of the Templars

Related with the custody of the Ark of Alliance, with the descendents of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene and with Masonry, templars treasure magical and incredible stories. In the province of Huesca, Monzón Castle is the emblem of this military... Read more »

Marian Route

Marian devotion invites one to stop in the province of Huesca at the Torreciudad Sanctuary, after visiting the Basilica of the Virgin of Pilar in Zaragoza and make our way towards Montserrat, in Catalonia, and Lourdes, in France.  A religious... Read more »

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